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Rumors have been flourishing in recent days about the upcoming intergalactic grand lottery game also known as 'The BIG Lottery'.

Mass hysteria grasped pilots all over the galaxy about the previously unheard of amount, the news seemed to spread faster then the subspace chat channels allow, making thousands leave their current occupations and reach the nearest station to buy, what seems to be, the chance to win a brand new life style.

"I cant believe its so easy!", said an amarrian accountant - "and the ticket costs next to nothing!".
The secret to the huge success of the BIG Lottery is the low cost of each ticket, people are often seen buying several tickets to increase their chances of success and to become the next galaxy wide known winner.

Technology has come a long way since the lottery concept was first conceived, and now participating in the BIG Lottery events is as simple as a click of the button, from anywhere in the galaxy.

These news are indeed what makes our galaxy as great as it is. There is nothing more wonderful then waking up in the morning and finding out that you are 10 million ISK richer!


As posted on : The BIG Lottery. 10 million reasons to be excited!

This link is unfortunatly long since dead...
The content of the very first announcement about The BIG Lottery is however thus preserved here.

The thread is however preserved over at EVE Search - Bless them.