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Q : How do I register for the free giveaway?
A : For each round you need to do the following two things (in order!)
  1. FIRST prove that you are not a robot Not a Robot (to combat bots)
  2. SECOND simply send an EVE mail to the character "BIG Games"
    with a subject of "The BIG Lottery" (exact text!)
    and you are automatically entered into the draw.

Q : Do I have to be present at the drawing in the ingame channel BIG Games in order to win?
A : Nope. Taking part in the actual drawing is optional. But please show up, it's good fun :)

Q : Uhm it would be nice with some sort of 'Proof of Registration', can I have that please?
A : Sure thing - Check the Receipts page

Q : When is the drawing?
A : Please check The BIG Lottery link. That page will always have the updated info.

Q : How *often* is The BIG Lottery held?
A : Each round lasts 2 weeks, and the next round starts the second the former round has ended.
A new round always start at 00:00 EVE-time between sunday and monday.

Q : How is the drawing done?
A : The actual drawing of the winning number is done in the ingame channel "BIG Games" at the designated time
The actual mechanics of the draw is as follows:
On command everyone present in the channel types a number into the channel (at the excact same time).
The number each participant enters, is within a range given shortly before.
The first few (number given shortly before) of the numbers are then first added together.
Then we do a "sum modulus <number of registered characters>, and we have a winning number

TLDR The participants in the channel generate a random winning number

Q : How can I be sure this is not a scam?
A : You cant - simple as that. Either you trust us or you dont.
If you mistrust us, dont register.
But I encourage you to ask around if BIG can be trusted or not, I think you will find that the answer is "Yes BIG is very trustworthy".

Q : Thats all very nice but what can I Win!
A : The prize ISK varies in size, but has always been in the multi-millions.
Check the BIG Lottery Winners page to see excactly how much past winners have won.

Good Luck!