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The BIG Lottery

Round #286


  1. 3,000,000,000 ISK
  2. 2,000,000,000 ISK
  3. 1,000,000,000 ISK
  4. 1,000,000,000 ISK (*)

(*) Prize sponsored by "Old Age4"/"Old Age5" who was so incredible lucky to win *twice* in round #284. (bio-link bonus not active for this one)

Win more ISK!!!
Put a The BIG Lottery link into your bio - Exact text!
Make sure it links to ""
If you have it, you'll get a 25% bio-link bonus ontop of your winnings!


Send your ISK to the character "BIG Games".
1000 ISK per ticket only - Meaning everyone can afford to take part.
Max. 200.000 tickets per character, for a max total of 200M ISK


500M ISK sponsored by

EVE Online Hold'em

Round #286 duration

From: Monday 2014.04.14
To: Sunday 2014.04.27
Drawing: Monday 2014.04.28 18:00 EVE - Ingame channel "BIG Games"

Note that round #287 in fact starts before the draw for round #286 has been done
- Namely at midnight between monday and sunday.

Round #286 participation

Unique characters : 75
Sold tickets value : 4.115.370.000

All time participation (since 2003.05.12)

Unique characters : 61.127
Sold tickets value : 1.345.955.447.000

This truly is The BIG Lottery