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The following is a list of all purchases made in this round.
Using the timestamp and amount found in your wallet journal, you should be able to identify your entry.

Names are deliberatly not shown, as we consider it a private matter if people play in The BIG Lottery.

The list serves one more additional purpose - It is your guarantee that we don't just pick whoever we wish as the winner!
Consider this : If we simply said that X had won (after the winning number had been generated), then the *real* winner would be able to check the generated lottery number against this list, and see that the number matches his ticket number, and that *he* was the real winner.

2018-07-16 19:40 - 0
2018-07-16 19:47 - 1
2018-07-16 22:09 - 2
2018-07-16 23:18 - 3