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How is the winner found?

The winner is found by a random draw.
A participant who has bougth 2 tickets will have twice the chance of winning as someone who has bought only 1 ticket.


  1. You can buy more than one ticket. You can do this with one deposit (say 5K ISK) or multiple purchases.
  2. Tickets bought will not be refundable.
  3. If you pay in 1.400 ISK, the 400 ISK will be treated as a "donation" to the BIG Lottery, and will not be refundable
    If you later pay in 1.600 ISK the 600 will again be treated as a donation.
    So you only get 2 tickets - and not 3 as if you had payed 3.000 at once.
    Any amounts below 1.000 ISK, ie. 567 ISK, will also be treated as a donation.
  4. If you pay more than the allowed cap on tickets, anything above the limit will be treated as a "donation" to the BIG Lottery, and will not be refundable
  5. BIG reserves the right to keep a 10% admin fee - the rest will be payed out as prize money.
    BIG has to date not invoked this right, nor currently plan to, and every ISK has been used for prizes.
  6. BIG will only pay out as much in prize money as have been deposited into the lottery via ticket sales
    At BIG's discretion, more ISK will be paid out in prize ISK than have been earned on ticket sales.
    Fixed ISK prizes will always be respected, regardless of income on ticket sales.
  7. Mails send to BIG Games will most likely go unread and not be answered.
    Mails requiring the CSPA charge of 100 ISK, because you have not added BIG Games to you addresbook will never be answered.
  8. No member of BIG is allowed to participate in the lottery