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How is the winner found?

The winner is found by a random draw.
Each participant has one single ticket and thus one chance to win.


  1. The BIG Lottery prizes are drawn every two weeks on Monday, 18:00 Eve time. The next round is announced on Monday evening after each drawing, along with the new prizes.
  2. You get your ticket by sending an EVE-mail to the BIG Games character, with subject "The BIG Lottery" (exact wording) in the two weeks timeframe (from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 Eve time).
  3. After a few minutes, you can check on the Receipts page, log in with Eve Online SSO, that your ticket has been correctly registered.
  4. On the Lottery List page, you can check the number that has been awarded to you for the round.
  5. One ticket max per round is awarded for each character.
  6. The drawing is done ingame in the BIG Games channel by people attending, using simple math to pick at random the winning tickets based on numbers provided by people.
  7. The exact drawing process is described at the start of each draw by BIG Games.
  8. Furthermore, some prizes are in-channel only. To win these prizes, you need to participate in the draw by providing a number... each participant has one chance to win.
  9. The BIG Lottery is mostly about having fun so don't be shy and show up to the drawing!
  10. Many of the prizes come from donations from generous players... Therefore, donations to keep the BIG Lottery running are appreciated !
  11. Mails other than ticket mails sent to BIG Games will most likely go unread and not be answered.
    Mails requiring the CSPA charge of 100 ISK, because you have not added BIG Games to your addresbook will never be answered.
  12. No member of BIG is allowed to participate in the lottery